Chrisland school girl leaked sextape full video complete


Chrisland school girl sextape full video complete

Ubi franklin, a well known NIgeria music executive confirmed the identity of the 10 years old chrisland girl as the daughter of his friend.

According to Ubi Franklin, he said that the incident happen when the gurl was selected to represent the school in a competition in Dubal.;

He further talked about how disgusting the steps that  chrisland school took when they realised the incident, they practically was mute about it.

Unfortunately for Chrisland school, the parents found out by themselves when another parent showed the mother of the girl the  sectape she saw on Instagram, this is sad Ubi Franklin reported that the parent if the school girl are in a bad state at the moment and that whoever sughts them will surely have pity and show concern for them.

Watch sestape below 

Chrisland school girl sextape full video complete

So fans what do you think?

Do you think that the chrisland girl is used to doing this and she not a virgin?

Do you think she was raped?

Do you blsame the parent?

According to some twitter users she did it because she want to go viral on all social media like Instagram , Likee and some other platforms.

send  in comments please.


  1. no comments fellas?

  2. This can't be classified as rape..This is some something they have planned doing

  3. Naaa
    No way a rape
    She was enjoying it and happy with it.
    Wow, 10years old🤷😡.
    Were they acting porno or what 🤷

  4. This is not rape ,she likes what she was doing, enjoyment

  5. This baby have been having sex for long

  6. She doesn't even have a single shame, hmmmmmm!

  7. Hmmm…I'm just trying to figure out how her parents will be feeling after watching there daughter doing this adult act and they call it rap?

    This girl needs serious canceling, she's enjoying it with 3 other boys around them watching it.The other boy touched her breast and she was just saying leave my balls are u mad with no remorse.

  8. See as breast full her chest at 10.
    She definitely have been doing it before now

  9. At this early stage it's bad

  10. There will be a guy somewhere that is molesting her…

  11. The parents did not train her properly. The school was also careless in the sense that they are not supposed to have male and female together. Any sensible person will know that the has been having sex before this incident. The parents are now reaping the fruit 🍓 of their negligence and carefree attitude towards the proper upbringing of the children in questions.

  12. Don't talk too much,u can try lead a donkey to a river but u can't force it to drink from it

  13. This not rape it is what the girl want this video also show this girl have been doing it for long this at is willing what i don't understand is why is the mother of the girl calling it rape

  14. Nothing long with the video.
    The video is cool
    That was not rape

  15. This is not rape at all the girl her self is enjoying the show, and also this girl is 10 years by looking

  16. Who has the part two of the vid I want to really confirm if this rape or planned

  17. This is rather unfortunate.
    Where were the members of staff that accompanied them on the trip?

  18. No b today she start she don dey fr the game for long

  19. Them no for moles this girl na she go moles u

  20. This is not ���� rape
    She is enjoying it now

  21. She is a professional

  22. May God deliver the girl and other kids, this is serious issue at their age

  23. This is neither rape no conspiracy but an agreed saxual act motivated from the pleasure of past experiences

  24. Na she dey fuck the guy now

  25. She wasn't the one that said leave my breast are you mad? It's one of the boys on the bed, she said why are you like this with a honey voice…..

  26. Please remove this video

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